Welcome Note

Welcome, a tourism project called : ‘Edu-Agro-Picnic’, because the place are intentionally and uniquely designed to be a place to offer multiple services. Visitors will have the opportunity to discover all new things outside their normal sceneries, where the place, i.e. the tourism place herein is projected to become a total escape place for all the people to venture a new environment and habitation.

All people all around the world are invited because you, your family and your friend or your institution will be treated by the nature in a very unique presentation, why not? the place is surrounded by hills, by the oldest jungle in the region, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, thousand of flora and fauna and animals, birds and flowers which will make you experience with the nature.

The management of the Edu-Agro-Picnic (EAP) has blend all the necessary facilities and service that make your one stop destination and vacation meaningful. Have a chance with friends and family to explore the nature in the dark and luxury jungle, a jungle which contains many species which are so amazing and unseen before, and also has grown over the years, such as logs, tongkat ali in the very old age, unique mushroom, flowers and birds, the trees here are so amazing, making your eyes cannot even stop from blinking. Yeah it’s true. Than you can also jog, rides mountain bike, motor cross or the 4wd car to travel thru the jungle, you can also boating to glance around the lakes and rivers, or by perahu, rakit (bamboo made), or canoe. Then having fun and friendship with our friends and family or i institution, in a very fresh, healthy and lots of oxygen place, beautiful landscape and unique because the management never puts the modern material at large, the natural appearance and forest made is always preferable to the landscape. And many more… such as you can feed animals here, learn how to plant vegetable or fruits, visit orang asli or native peoples village and learning their life. Or just simply have a barbecue in the jungle and eat up above the tree on the ran / treehouse.

You are guaranteed of pleasure, at anaffordable price, and in a comfortable atmosphere.


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