Bukit Ibam Resort



Bukit Ibam has contained one of the oldest jungle in the world, thousands of unseen animals, birds and insects, flourish with colorful flora and fauna who has being growth in the thousands of years which you was never seen it before.

There in the one of the oldest jungle in Malaysia would offers you various kind of activities, sports and adventurers trills that will you are in really deeply lost in the different world. Thousands of species of habitats will awaiting and welcoming your journey. The aboriginal people also welcome you down there below the jungle. The jungle who has being a home to the elephants, cows, tigers, birds, deers, and many more. The trees are up to the sky, also living there the oldest tongkat ali in world, variety of flowers, plants and fungus.

What make this place happening is the resort called ~ Edu-Agro-Picnic in near Bukit Ibam jungle, is naturally sorrounded by the hills, many lakes and river, includes waterfalls and caves. The truly fascinating experience for whom who like to explore the nature and beauty.

The resort Edu-Agro Picnic have develop various activities to make you won’t loss any moment and sight with the jungle and the natural beauty. Activities like riding boat in the natural lake, riding rakit (bamboo made), canoe and boat in the river while you can have of fishing and picking the wild plants.

You may have a pleasure with the lover and family and friend, while you can have meals and food while sitting in the middle of jungle or near the lakes, rivers or waterfalls. Singing together, have fun or discuss something funny or even something serious.

It’s allow you to have freedom from all of the outside and busy life interruption, you may open your heart, speak in any language you want and throw out all of your idea playing in the mind. Have means and the solutions.

That is why the resort ~ Edu-Agro-Picnic have offers you many kind of activities that will make you have all the opportunity  to be friend with the nature and natural habitats. Fresh, charming and beautiful sceneries.

The institutions, corporate company, groups or teams, school or community and family, or yourself are welcome to this place. Beside having fun with the natural beuty, flora and fauna you can also organize family gathering, birthday party, wedding ceremony, events, motivational course, sports, company meeting, islamic ritual like – aqiqah and qurban, tahlil and doa’ selamat, and many more.

Be in and with the nature makes us feels proud, thankful and have a peace of mind. Thank You


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